Deck Inspection Resources

Deck Inspection Resources (2020) by Frank Woeste, P. E., Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech. Spring is a great time to inspect your deck to make sure it is safe for continued use by your family and friends. The inspection resources listed herein should be useful for accomplishing a meaningful inspection of an existing deck for occupant safety.

Nailed-Only Deck Ledger Connections: Anatomy of an Inherently Dangerous Deck: By Frank Woeste


Repairs needed for more than 150 decks after balcony collapse: decks-after-balcony-collapse (14 photos included)


Deck Inspection: Evaluating an Existing Residential Deck: By Frank Woeste


Deck Codes and Standards (Black + Decker, 2017): By Bruce Barker


DCA6 Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide by the American Wood Council: (This document can be used as a benchmark for safe deck details. Frank Woeste)

Coastal Deck Issues: Coastal Decks: Red Rust on Decks is a Safety Warning. by Frank Woeste, Joe Loferski, and Bruce Barker. ICC BSJ Weekly, 2019 Sept. 12th a-safety-warning


Coastal Decks: Red Rust on Decks is a Safety Warning. by Frank Woeste, Joe Loferski, and Bruce Barker. ASHI Reporter, August, 2019. Safety-Warning-/15420

Corrosion Information for Connectors and Fasteners with Wood by Simpson Strong-Tie


Safe and durable coastal decks. (Coastal Contractor, 2008): By Frank Woeste


Decay of Deck Components: Detecting Early Wood Decay: By Cheryl Anderson, Joe Loferski and Frank Woeste article.pdf


Design of Decks and Balconies: DCA6 Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide: By the American Wood Council


Typical Deck Details: By Fairfax County, Virginia tions/deck-details.pdf


Deck Ledger Flashing and Stair Solutions/American Wood Council (2020): By Mike Guertin.

AWPA U1-20 Use Category System: User Specification for Treated Wood

(See Table 2-1 Service Conditions for Use Category Designations for selecting and specifying the appropriate pressure-treated lumber and timbers for deck and balcony constructions.)


Balcony Design is a Life Safety Issue: Balcony Design – IBC Changes and Wood Durability Considerations:  By Frank Woeste, Virginia Tech and Don Bender, Washington State University


Five people hospitalized after 4th floor apartment balcony collapses in Grand Forks (Valley News Live, June 8, 2019) in-Grand-Forks-511010752.html


Condo deck collapses, leaving owners in dilemma: (WCPO Cincinnati, Oct., 2018) leaving-owners-in-dilemma

Frank Woeste, P.E., is Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. He frequently consults with the public, design professionals, contractors and building code officials on various aspects of engineered-wood construction and residential construction, including decks and balconies. To request additional deck and balcony inspection and design information, e-mail [email protected].