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Contractor Disputes

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Florida hosts a large community of contractors and sub contractors who work hard to provide workmanship of the highest quality to be found anywhere. Unfortunately there are also situations where a few ‘bad apples’ may spoil the reputation of the bunch. As this law firm has a strong history in providing for the needs of Florida contractors, and sub contractors on both private and public projects, we are able to use that experience to also help the homeowner who may be dealing with a ‘bad apple’ or a Florida contractor dispute.

When the typical homeowner decides to have a renovation, addition, or alteration performed on their home, or to construct a new residence, the homeowner expects trust, fair dealing, and being able to rely upon the contractor’s higher level of construction knowledge. This position of trust however can be violated and taken advantage of by a bad apple.

Sometime contractors may look to increase their scope of work by not wanting to provide written proposals for work. Instead, it becomes more convenient to proceed on conversations, or saying, “we can figure out a price after the work has been done.” Some contractors may even use this ‘extra work’ as the basis to file a lien on the property should you not pay.

This construction law firm uses its experience to assist homeowners dealing with Florida contractor disputes and issues. As contractors are provided lien rights under Florida law, prosecuting and claims that a homeowner may have, or providing a defense to a homeowner must be brought timely to be effective. This Florida law office has a policy of offering a free no-obligation initial consultation to see if we may be able to assist you. Contact a Florida construction attorney.

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