As we know in the very lucrative business of marine construction, there are many different facets of this industry that require unique knowledge and expertise. Common marine construction projects include submarine cable installation and repair, bridge construction, and dock construction. Marine construction may also include the erection of coastal structures such as seawalls and submarine… Read more »

Long Island Construction Law does not own this content. This content was created by Suzie Wilson. To view Suzie’s website, please click here. Contracts form the backbone of any construction business, establishing clear, effective communication and understanding between parties. They ensure that every project’s details are agreed upon, protect your interests, and help avoid conflicts…. Read more »

It can be beyond upsetting and frustrating when a home improvement project comes to a screeching halt all because your hired contractor decided to disappear, becoming a no-show.  You purchased all materials, paid your deposit, and started demolition. Now what?  You are left with tons of unused materials, a shortage of capital, and a literal… Read more »

Changes are an unavoidable aspect of construction. Although thorough effort and coordination are required in preparing the original project contract, specifications and construction drawings, there will still be changes. This is why owners are provided the right to make changes to the work under a typical contract changes clause.

To minimize potential legal problems when planning construction, whether the project is a large commercial project, a new residence, or even a renovation to an existing structure, care must be taken to have essential terms included in the contract. The failure to identify essential terms in the construction contract will lead to project confusion, extended… Read more »

What is a cost-plus construction contract? A cost-plus construction contract is a contract in which a contractor agrees to be paid for all of his costs including a certain percentage for his expenses and profit. The pros vs. the cons of cost-plus construction contract format are a business decision, but cost-plus construction contract also raises… Read more »