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Marine Construction

As we know in the very lucrative business of marine construction, there are many different facets of this industry that require unique knowledge and expertise. Common marine construction projects include submarine cable installation and repair, bridge construction, and dock construction. Marine construction may also include the erection of coastal structures such as seawalls and submarine tunnels, off-shore structures such as  mooring systems and artificial islands, and deep ocean structures such as cofferdams and underwater mining platforms.

Just as with general construction projects, marine construction raises typical issues of contract negotiation and interpretation, supply chain and delay disputes, payment disputes, and defective construction claims. Marine construction also contemplates unique permitting requirements and regulations, local, state, and federal, depending upon the particular body of water involved.

Long Island and Florida host large communities of marine contractors and subcontractors who work hard to provide workmanship of the highest quality to be found anywhere, but even the most seasoned professional can benefit from the assistance of our firm’s strong history of providing for the needs of Long Island and Florida contractors and subcontractors on both private and public projects. Whether preparing airtight contracts to protect your interests or vigorously pursuing recovery through arbitration and litigation, this firm serves the needs of marine contractors and subcontractors at each stage of their projects.

If you have a marine construction inquiry and would like to learn about your options for legal disputes in this specific industry, please request a consultation today.

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