Have you ever hired a contractor who disappeared on you?  Were you left with a half-completed home improvement project, with feelings of despair and frustration and not a clue as to what your next steps should be?  You’re left with unused materials, shortage of capital, and a literal construction site in your home.  Unfortunately, this… Read more »

New York and Florida based Construction Litigation and Arbitration firm, The Law Offices of John Caravella, P.C., has launched a secondary website (, to create a distinction between its parent site, ( Focusing primarily on Solar Panel issues, FTL Construction Law touches on the legal disputes and issues thousands of Florida residents are currently facing… Read more »

A Lien (or ‘Mechanic’s Lien’) is a potentially powerful tool for contractors, architects, engineers, or suppliers of materials to secure payment for work performed ‘improving’ a property. Levelset, a company that helps contractors and suppliers receive payment, outlines the perfect Mechanic’s Lien Guide for the State of Florida, and their rules and regulations. To view… Read more »

Time and time again, homeowners are so excited about a new construction project, they go into the project blindly, forgetting to ask basic questions which can make or break their relationship with a contractor or architect. Before starting any type of construction project, it’s wise to ask these ten most-forgotten questions to ensure your construction… Read more »

What do you need a building permit for? This is one of the most common questions regarding construction. Building permits are both important and necessary and the failure to obtain one can cause major obstacles down the road.  Building permits are needed whenever a homeowner is altering or expanding their current home, installing a swimming… Read more »

This article was written by guest blogger Suzie Wilson. When you build a custom home you get to bring your vision to life and create the house of your dreams from the ground up. However, it takes a lot of planning and careful decision-making to build a custom home, and there are several things you’ll need… Read more »