When you are working on a renovation project or building a home from the ground up, it is not just one person pulling the strings and leading the operation, learn the architectural hierarchy.  Behind every architectural firm is a small army of individuals with specific roles and responsibilities to make your dream a reality. Within… Read more »

We have all heard the expression, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” But, how do we really know when we are being fooled? Though Construction Fraud was not listed in Investopedia’s Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud article, Construction Fraud is more common than you would think. Normally, when… Read more »

Whenever we hear the terms Usury and Racketeering, we think of two things, organized crime, and the RICO Act. But did you know that these two terms are very common within the Florida Construction industry? Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor or a commercial business owner, usury and racketeering come in many different shapes… Read more »

Throughout time, circumstances arise where a homeowner feels the need to breach their contract by refusing to pay their contractor or architect for services that were already performed and/or provided.  For example, perhaps a homeowner feels that the contractor’s work is not what was agreed upon or is subpar, or maybe even because the project… Read more »

As a homeowner, did you ever wonder what was in a Construction Contract? Did you ever question what it was for, what it protected, or even who it protected?  When it comes to home and commercial renovations, a homeowner may decide that receiving a signed construction contract is not necessary, perhaps because the size of… Read more »

Whether you are planning on renovating your commercial property, residential property, or even investment property, hiring an architect is a step in the right direction.  Many clients think architects have one responsibility – to draw up plans and blueprints.  However, this could not be farther than the truth.  Architects take on many different tasks and… Read more »

New York and Florida based Construction Litigation and Arbitration firm, The Law Offices of John Caravella, P.C., has launched a secondary website (, to create a distinction between its parent site, ( Focusing primarily on Solar Panel issues, FTL Construction Law touches on the legal disputes and issues thousands of Florida residents are currently facing… Read more »

In October, John Caravella was invited to speak at the AIA Contract Document Workshop where he was able to share his knowledge about Construction Contract Interpretation and Fundamentals. In this specific article, we share Important Considerations and Contract Clauses to Consider, before signing the agreement.