As we know, many of our neighbors are currently combating the harsh realities of post-disaster re-building. From hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and tsunamis, we’ve come to know and understand the challenges that are faced when disasters like these occur. Luckily, in the United States, we have aid measures in place to help us recover from any… Read more »

Are you about to start a construction project and wondering whether hiring a Construction Lawyer is a necessary expense to add to your budget?  Wondering whether lawyers are recommended on large projects from start to finish or should lawyers be on the back burner until called upon?  Hiring a Construction Lawyer prior to beginning a… Read more »

  Given the large number and variety of documents required to administer a construction project today (plans, specifications, contracts, etc.), the likelihood of discrepancies arising between these different sources is almost unavoidable. Do you know how these documents rate in terms of their authority?

In a recent client conference, I was asked, “So what is arbitration, anyhow?” In the context of a construction claim or in seeking to prevent a construction claim, there are several significant advantages that arbitration can provide in lieu of litigation. In today’s challenging business environment being aware of the various options available could make… Read more »

Though an architect is responsible for designs and drawings, they also play a part in structural safety. Whether building single-family homes or a large corporate building, a professional in the architectural industry must have the proper education and experience to practice. This article about the commissioner’s regulations in architecture was presented by John Caravella during… Read more »

One of the most common causes of home elevation is extreme weathering and flooding. In general, there are two options when deciding to elevate your home. The homeowner can physically lift the home, building a new foundation at the bottom, or leaving the home as is, but just building a “livable space” upper level, alternatively… Read more »

Construction is filled with countless risks, from weather conditions, labor strikes, material unavailability, subsurface conditions, inaccurate plans, and specifications, among others variables. Each has the potential to delay the project, cause increased completion costs, and increase the likelihood of disputes, liens, or litigation. Problems stemming from inaccurate plans and specs can quickly become the obstacles… Read more »

This is a general information article and should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion. Readers are encouraged to seek counsel from a construction lawyer for advice on a particular circumstance. When homeowners are ready to get the ball rolling with their new construction project, excitement and happy emotions usually take over… Read more »